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Shenzhen SDWPackaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen SDWPackaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The company's business mainly involves the research and development of various intelligent packaging equipment and packaging lines such as unpacking machines, corner edge machines, box sealing machines, and packing machines. and produce.

Dewitt Wang, the founder of SDWPackaging, entered the packaging equipment industry in 2000, and worked in JOINPACK and YOUNGSUNPACK successively, engaged in the planning and integration of marketing and subsequent packaging production lines. Rich experience in the industry, familiar with the solution process and practical application of various back-end automatic packaging lines, and can meet the high-quality supporting needs of various customers.


SDWPackaging has been committed to meeting the diverse needs of customers since its establishment. Through years of efforts, it has formed industry advantages in automatic box opening machines, automatic box sealing machines, and automatic packing machines. Since its establishment, the company has been based on achieving win-win cooperation and long-term development with customers in various industries at home and abroad, focusing on professional projects in the industry. The company has been committed to improving product value, controlling quality and cost, and truly achieving the division of labor in the industry and the realization of "industry sharing" of product production.


SDWPackaging will continue to deepen and upgrade the supporting and production technology of packaging equipment such as unpacking machines, packing machines, sealing machines, and packing machines. At the same time, it will actively develop new packaging equipment models and applications to improve the intelligence of products. , flexibility, and informatization level, integrate industry resources to enhance industry supporting value, meet the supporting needs of various types of customers, and share the most suitable supporting resources for industry customers to achieve "industry sharing" of resources.

SDWPackaging is committed to realizing the "shared factory in the packaging industry"! Xiaohui Packaging is "your preferred supplier"!

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    Jiaxing Branch and Shenzhen Headquarters

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Company Culture

Quality Policy

Quality first, customer first
Abide by the contract, scientific management
Technical support, quality assurance
Win-win cooperation, integrity alliance

Corporate Group Awareness

Customer first, unity and cooperation
Self-improvement, healthy competition
appreciate each other, support each other

Enterprise Spirit

People-oriented, honest and law-abiding, harmonious and natural, building high-quality products, not afraid of hardships and dangers, bravely climbing the peak, leading the industry, creating a reputation at home and abroad

Corporate Vision and Mission

To meet the diverse needs of customers, professionally make products, and focus on supporting; based on domestic and foreign customers in various industries to achieve win-win cooperation and long-term development; improve the value of industry supporting, control quality and cost; realize the division of labor in industry production and the "industry sharing of resources" .

Development Path

Guangzhou China International Industrial Packaging Exhibition in March 2022

Xiaohui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition with the concept of "intelligence, innovation, and sustainability". There are new products and new technologies in the industry on the same stage, all of which have attracted much attention from the industry!

November 2020 Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition

Xiaohui Packaging participated in the 2020 Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition joint exhibition at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This event is an industry event covering the entire processing and packaging industry chain in the Asia-Pacific region. Products, pharmaceuticals, health and other industries provide rich choices and one-stop processing and packaging solutions.

Shenzhen Smart Expo in August 2020

Xiaohui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. mainly displayed various types of intelligent packaging equipment such as automatic box unpacking machine, automatic box sealing machine, automatic packing machine, etc., which aroused strong interest and wide attention of many exhibitors.

Participated in Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition in June 2019

Xiaohui Packaging is committed to improving the production efficiency and product quality of the food and beverage industry through automation, digitalization and intelligent technology, reducing energy consumption and waste in the production process, meeting new market demands, promoting the sustainable development of the industry, and actively responding to future challenges. .

Guangzhou China International Industrial Packaging Exhibition in March 2019

As an enterprise focusing on R&D, design and production of automatic packaging equipment, Xiaohui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted strong interest and wide attention from many exhibitors in this exhibition.

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Shenzhen Headquarters:No. 64, Chuangye 2nd Road, Second Industrial Zone, Jiangbian Community, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
East China Branch:No. 301, Baoqun Road, Yaozhuang Town, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
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