Which sealing machine is better? Choose high-quality after-sales service manufacturers

Which sealing machine is better? Choose high-quality after-sales service manufacturers

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Which sealing machine is better? Choose high-quality after-sales service manufacturers

  Automatic carton sealing machines are widely used in our daily life. Because of this, we feel that we do not know how to choose when purchasing. What are the selection methods? To judge the quality of a machine manufacturer, we need to examine many aspects. Take the automatic case sealing machine as an example. It has many brands, and the performance characteristics of each brand are different. Which is the best automatic case sealing machine in Shenzhen? ?

  The carton sealing machine mainly uses scotch tape to seal the carton. It can seal the top and bottom sides at the same time. The packaging speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the appearance is elegant. Lightweight and durable, easy to operate; side belt drive, suitable for narrower cartons; upper and lower belt drive, suitable for taller cartons; connection use a case sealing machine that can be matched with folding lids, and a single use can choose a semi-automatic case sealing machine
  Choosing Shenzhen Xiaohui Packaging's automatic carton sealing machine has five major advantages:

  1. Quality: a professional brand of packaging and logistics equipment for many Fortune 500 companies.

  2. Service: service response within 8 hours, lifetime maintenance.

  3. Strength: In the past 20 years, it has provided packaging equipment and supporting services for thousands of enterprises.

  4. On time: The manufacturer delivers the goods or cooperates with a professional logistics company to ensure safe, safe and on-time delivery.

  After-sales service:

  1. Our company has set up a skilled after-sales service team, with rich experience in on-site installation and maintenance

    2. Our company promises that all equipment after-sales problems will be responded to within 8 hours and maintained for life.

    3. Provide complete product knowledge and training related to operating procedures from installation and use to post-maintenance to ensure that customers have no worries.

  ①According to different carton specifications, automatically adjust the width and height;

    ②Both sides are driven by ten upper belt drives, which are suitable for heavy and large cartons to ensure smooth and fast top and bottom sealing;

    ③Single machine operation, suitable for small batch and multi-specification production.

  Shenzhen Xiaohui Packaging Co., Ltd.'s automatic carton sealing machine can see the quality of our machine from the details

       The decision to choose our Shenzhen Xiaohui Packaging is your correct judgment.

  Secondly, what points should be paid attention to when choosing the machine of our Shenzhen Xiaohui packaging manufacturer?

  The first point: look at the function of the machine

  The place that needs to be compared is its function. Whether the function of the sealing machine is good or not determines whether its packaging work is good or not, especially whether its function is strong or not, and the packaging efficiency is high or not, all of which have an impact on the packaging work. Therefore, a sealing machine with good function and high efficiency is good.

  The second point: look at the quality of the machine

  It depends on its quality. Whether the quality is good or not has an impact on its use. Good quality means it is easier to use, and it will last longer

  The third point: look at the price of the machine

  Price is also very important. A brand with a reasonable price is called a good brand, so you must check whether its price is reasonable and whether it conforms to the market conditions. From these three aspects, it can be judged which brand of automatic case sealing machineis better.


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