Xiaohui Packaging's first exhibition of the year, living up to its time and dreams

Xiaohui Packaging's first exhibition of the year, living up to its time and dreams

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Xiaohui Packaging's first exhibition of the year, living up to its time and dreams

  In March, Shenzhen Xiaohui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 28th [China International Packaging Industry Exhibition Sino-Pack], which lasted for three days (March 4-6). In this exhibition, there are new products and new technologies in the industry on the same stage, which has attracted much attention from the industry!

  The exhibition is based on the concept of "intelligence, innovation, and sustainability", covering six characteristic sections: "intelligent packaging", "food packaging", "comprehensive packaging", "liquid packaging", "product identification" and "packaging products and packaging". Materials”, a printing and labeling exhibition was held at the same time, with a total area of ​​over 140,000 square meters, and more than 1,700 exhibitors, all showing their skills, which is eye-catching.

  Shenzhen Xiaohui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has deepened and upgraded the supporting and production technology of packaging equipment such as unpacking machines, packing machines, sealing machines, and packing machines. At the same time, it has actively developed new packaging equipment models and applications to improve product quality. The level of intelligence, flexibility and informatization, integrate industry resources to enhance the value of industry supporting, meet the supporting needs of various types of customers, connect and share the most suitable supporting resources for industry customers, and realize the "industry sharing" of resources.

(1)Foam box sealing machine.Standard side sealing machine model, two with steering, stainless steel foam box 360-degree horizontal side sealing machine.

(2) K40T model, continuous molding, small impact on the box, stable operation!

(3) Servo motor folding machine: 38000+ servo motor unpacking machine.

Function Description:

1. Pre-stored specifications, manual one-button switching by batch.

2. Pre-stored specifications, system communication provides box gauge code matching, and the size can be switched at any time.

3. For pre-stored specifications, a section of centering detection conveyor should be added before the sealing machine to identify the box gauge, and then communicate to the back sealing machine for matching and switching.

4. Fast speed, more than 10 boxes

5. Servo motor unpacking machine 68000, when cutting the specifications, the position of the suction cup and the box/pin on the silo should be adjusted manually.

(4) E-commerce type unpacking machine back cover +electric-commerce type semi-automatic folding cover and sealing machine (FC500DS)

1. It is suitable for e-commerce small-scale unpacking and back sealing, and the sealing is completed in one operation;

2. The unpacking speed is fast, and the specifications can be pre-stored.

(5) E-commerce automatic carton sealing machine

Automatically adapt to the size of the carton, easy to operate, and the upper and lower "one" word sealing can be completed at one time.

  In the exhibition, our small partners are also very active. They will introduce the machines displayed in the Xiaohui Packaging Exhibition in detail to customers. From the use of the machine to the matters needing attention, to the advantages of the machine and the entire operation of the machine, they will comprehensively introduce and Watch the operation in action.



  The exhibition under the epidemic still ended successfully, and everyone's efforts and unity were indispensable in this process. Thanks also to all customers for their support, Xiaohui Packaging is still committed to the realization of "shared factories in the packaging industry", and Xiaohui Packaging will always be "your preferred supplier"!

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