The operation steps of Xiaohui packaging vertical unpacking machine are simple and easy to understand

The operation steps of Xiaohui packaging vertical unpacking machine are simple and easy to understand

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The operation steps of Xiaohui packaging vertical unpacking machine are simple and easy to understand

The automatic vertical unpacking machine needs to be debugged before use, so which places need to be debugged? Just try it out according to the following operation steps. Before leaving the factory, the vertical unpacking machine packaged by Xiaohui will be marked with the operation steps on the machine, which is convenient for operation.


1. Exit width adjustment

Fold the bottom of the carton to the position of the discharge port, and adjust the height of the upper cover of the unpacking machine according to the height of the carton.

2. Adjustment of the width, height and needle stopper of the storage bin

First take a carton and put it in the storage bin to see if the width and height are suitable. If it is not suitable, it needs to be adjusted according to the size of the carton. If the height is not enough, it is also necessary to raise the height of the hopper itself to match the height of the carton, so as to rest on the upper dial of the unpacking machine.

3. Adjustment of suction cup position

When the hopper bin is adjusted, the position of the carton is relatively fixed. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the position of the suction cup of the vertical unpacking machine. The suction cup of the unpacking machine must absorb the front of the carton, and cannot be sucked on the crease or the upper cover of the carton. place.

4. Adjustment of belt surface position

Place the folded bottom carton in the middle of the belt, and adjust the width of the belt manually.

5. Forming length adjustment

6. Forming reference plane and height adjustment

When the above steps are adjusted, first take a carton to perform step-by-step actions, observe whether each action is smooth, and then fine-tune the steps that are not smooth, until all the actions are smooth, then put a carton for continuous action. When a carton can be unpacked smoothly, fill up the hopper for batch testing. If there is no problem, the entire adjustment work of the automatic unpacking machine is basically completed.

The automatic unpacking machine is an important equipment for packing and packaging in the automated production operations of enterprises. The equipment has stable performance, high efficiency, and the effect of unpacking and unpacking is beautiful, firm, and faster than manual work, so more and more enterprises begin to use it. . The main function of the automatic unpacking machine is to open the flat carton to form, seal the bottom with tape, and use it for packaging on the mass production line. It can be equipped with an automatic packing machine and a packing machine.

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