Human Resources

Talent Concept

We firmly believe that the value of the enterprise is created by the employees. The personal progress of the employees is closely related to the development of the enterprise. The employees are tireless and the company is prosperous. Therefore, the company regards attracting talents, making good use of talents, cultivating talents and retaining talents as the core work, regards employees as the company's most precious wealth, is willing to absorb excellent employees, and hopes that every employee and the enterprise can develop together in a sustainable manner.
We choose employee philosophy:
Emphasis on character, ability, and actual performance, and select employees eclectically.
Our management staff philosophy:
Always adhere to the concept of "people-oriented, morality first", respect, cultivate, trust and care for employees, and manage employees in a differentiated way.

Job Offers

If you are passionate and eager to succeed, you are welcome to join us, send your resume to and we will get in touch with you!

Recruitment position:



job description:

1. Responsible for product sales, promotion and other sales work

2. Execute and implement the sales plan and sales strategy of the business

3. Complete the sales target

4. Require workers to have a strong sense of responsibility, passion, and ability to bear hardships and stand hard work



If you are interested, please contact our company, thank you.

Corporate Group Awareness

Corporate Group Awareness

Customer first, unity and cooperation

Enterprise spirit

Enterprise Spirit

People-oriented, honest and law-abiding

Corporate Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision and Mission

Realize the division of labor in industry production and the "industry sharing" of resources

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