Sealing and packing machine

Sealing and packing machine

Product Model: SDW- FP500AJ+301B
Minimum carton size: L250*W120*H130mm
Maximum carton size: L∞o*W 500*H500mm
Applicable power supply: 220V 50Hz
Power consumption: 0.7KW
Applicable tape: choose one of W48, 60, 75mm
Packing belt requirements: width 9~15mm, thickness 0.55~0.8mm
Category:Sealing and packing machine
Product Consultation:+86-755-82590101
Sealing and packing machine
Product description
Product Features
◆This machine-connected combination is the most economical combination choice to realize the function of automatic sealing and packing;
◆Suitable for low-level work requirements;
◆ Manually adjust the width and height when changing specifications;
◆The transmission mode adopts the belt drive on both sides;
◆ Manually fold the upper cover, and the upper and lower "-" characters are sealed and packaged at one time;
◆The carton sealing machine has the function of automatic positioning control, which realizes the machine control with the packing machine;
◆Standard machine table height is 450mm;
◆The structure of the tape applicator is precise and firm, the operation is smooth, and the service life is long:
◆In addition to standard specifications, non-standard customization is acceptable;
Sealing and packing machine

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